Strategic Goals and Vision

  • To enhance UCR's reputational rankings: UCR will have the profile of an AAU member university
  • To invest in areas of strength: UCR will be recognized for its distinction among all research universities in selected areas which exhibit quality and momentum
  • To expand opportunities for learning and personal growth for all students, undergraduate and graduate: UCR will become a campus of "first choice" for applicants, and students will have a successful experience at UCR
  • To reshape the curriculum: UCR will build on the diversity of its students and the distinction of its faculty, and connect the curriculum to the vision of UCR as an AAU institution
  • To diversify our faculty, staff and graduate population: UCR will be a preeminent research university that has diversity as one of its measures of distinctiveness
  • To build professional schools: UCR will offer expanded professional education in areas that respond to the needs of the state and region and that help to stimulate a knowledge-based economy
  • To forge closer ties with the community: UCR will organize and coordinate with others to achieve common goals for prosperity and sustainability of the Inland Empire through technology transfer, attraction and retention of highly skilled jobs and industries, and responsiveness to regional issues